Presentation of OpenGov

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The mission of OpenGov is to create a free and open forum on a private/personal basis to discuss and foster the use of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS), with members mainly coming from the Belgian federal public services.

OpenGov will focus on the use of Free/Libre and Open Source Software by Belgian public institutions and/or by Belgian public servants. It is open to all institutional levels in Belgium : local level (town / municipality), regional level, federal level. By public institutions we understand "ministries" but also any kind of public organisations like schools, public services (public transports, healthcare...).

However, membership is also open to individuals who want to contribute to the mission of OpenGov.

As of July 2010, Opengov has over a hundred members.

Foundation document

The foundation document describes the mission in more detail. OpenGov was created in early 2007 by 26 founding members . It was initially called FedLUG but the name was changed in order to reflect "openness" to all governmental levels.


Every member of Opengov is invited to the OpenGov meetings via our mailing list. Effective and associate members are welcome. If a vote is needed, only effective members can vote.

The day-to-day organisation of OpenGov is managed by a board. Currently, 7 board members have been elected since 1 April 2008.