List of founding members of the FedLUG

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Below is the current list of fouding members, in alphabetical order. To join the group of founding members by agreeing to the Foundation document, please send an e-mail to "foundation AT fedlug DOT be". This e-mail address is currently also the primary contact address for FedLUG (next to the mailing list of course).

  • Marc Arnoldy
  • Jean-Francois Beckers
  • Julie Bingen
  • Machtelt Garrels
  • Tom Heiremans
  • Paul Libert
  • Maarten Malaise
  • Michel Martin
  • Christophe Monniez
  • Olivier Plasman
  • Etienne Saliez
  • Oliver Schneider
  • Francois Soumillion
  • Gunther Stuer
  • Bart Van Herreweghe
  • Denis Van Nuffelen
  • Luc Van Tilborgh
  • Peter Vandenabeele
  • Jean-Dominique Veuve
  • Yves Walravens
  • Jean-Francois Zech