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01 April 2008

The new Board of OpenGov is elected and is composed of 7 members. 

02 April 2007

The list of founding members was finalised with more then 25 people subscribing to the foundation document.

30 March 2007

The second meeting took place at Taverne Wings in Brusselson 30 March and was attended by 17 people. A report is beeing prepared. A general action point is that everyone can send his interests (items to learn about) and his technical competences (to offer knowledge) to the mailing list. From this list, a first set of topics for presentations etc. will be deduced.

28 Feb 2007

On 28 Feb 2007, version 0.90 of the Foundation document was published in the English language after review, with French and Dutch translations underway.

24 Feb 2007

At our first IRL meeting on 24 Feb 2007 at fosdem 2007, we discussed a proposal for a Foundation document and practical working ideas. A report is posted on the mailing list.