OpenOffice at work

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Where is it possible to use openoffice at work? Please help us to provide up-to-date information.

Federal government 

SPF/FOD Fedict : Users are allowed to install openoffice. On the new computers, openoffice is installed by default [to be confirmed].

SPF/FOD Finances : Openoffice is installed on all new computers [how many currently?].

SPF/FOD Justice : Openofice is the default office tool.

SPF/FOD P&O : Openoffice is used by some people [how many?]


FMP / FBZ : Openoffice is installed on all computers 

KCE : Openoffice is installed on all computers (not standard tool) 

Brussels region

Openoffice is used by CIRB, the cabinets, the schools and some municipalities [to be detailed]


Are there municipalities that use openoffice? Please tell-us. 


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