federal public administrators start Open Source user group

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Open Source News - 27 March 2007 - Belgium - Policies and Announcements

Twenty Belgian federal public administrators last month started an Open Source user group. The group, called 'FedLug' is meant to discuss and stimulate the use of this type of software.

FedLug's next meeting will be held at noon this Friday in Brussels.

The user group was formally started last month, during Fosdem (Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting). A website and mailing list have just been created. The group next want to organise regular meetings, install parties, seminars and trainings on Open Source software.

FedLug is not supported or formally endorsed by the Belgian government. "We are all doing this on a strictly personal basis", explains one of the founders.

Membership of the user group is open to everyone. "It is mainly meant for civil workers in the federal government. We already have some members working at other public services, and we welcome anybody who feels he or she can contribute."

One of the initiators is Oliver Schneider, who in February also started a working group aimed at civil service IT workers from member states of the European Union. Schneider's motivation for beginning this group: "Building a list of projects is not enough. We need to start working together."

Source: europa
Website: www.fedlug.be