FedLUG foundation document

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We have decided to create OpenGov.


The mission of OpenGov is to create a free and open forum on a private/personal basis to discuss and foster the use of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS), with members mainly coming from the Belgian federal public services.


The activities of OpenGov may include:

  • regular meetings to discuss a certain topic.
  • installfests to set-up Linux and other FLOSS for the members and visitors.
  • setting up a mailing list, wiki, web site and other on-line tools to allow discussion, collaboration, support and sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience regarding FLOSS. The archives of the mailing list will be public.
  • organizing seminars and training regarding FLOSS.
  • all other activities that serve the mission of OpenGov.


  • initially OpenGov is an ad-hoc organisation that is founded by a number of individuals that have agreed to this document.
  • membership is mainly aimed at people working at or related with federal public services. However, membership is also open to people from other Belgian public services and to individuals who want to contribute to the mission of OpenGov.
  • meetings will mainly be held in the Brussels area.
  • a membership fee may be raised that will not be higher than the sum of:
    • 20 EURO/year (hopefully less)
    • the cost of an insurance if required
  • initially, there is no insurance for the members (in a later stage, that may be organised)
  • each member is responsible for his/her own actions